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November 20, 2017:                                               

Classwork: **Read and discussed pp. 60-64 and discussed who Gregor Mendel was and his discovery of genetics.  We discussed the difference between dominant (stronger trait and will appear most often) and recessive (weaker trait and it shows up less often) traits.

Homework:**Reread pp. 60-64

                            **BOOK FAIR TOMORROW & CONFERENCES**

November 21, 2017:                       

Classroom:  **We discussed that even though Gregor Mendel was not a scientist he offered a great deal to the science world and the understanding of GENETICS.  We planted pea plants in a garden and cross-breed purple and white pea plants to discover a variety of genetic combinations of offspring.  We understand today, because of Gregor Mendel, that we inherit the traits we have from not only our parents but from our ancesters who has passed.

We learned that traits that show more often are the DOMINANT traits and traits that are still present within us but don't show are RECESSIVE traits but can be passed on to an offspring where it could show.



November 22, 2017:

Classroom: **              NO SCHOOL

Homework: **


November 23, 2017:
Classroom: **            NO SCHOOL

Homework: **


November 24, 2017:                                

Classwork: **          NO SCHOOL

Homework: **





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