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Classroom Rules & Discipline Plan

Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his or her growth.  In order for this to happen each day, we will be using the Stoplight Behavior Plan.  This plan provides clear expectations for behavior in which the students fully understand the consequences of their actions.  It also provides a way to reward students who consistently display good behavior.  The Stoplight Behavior Plan allows us to not only redirect negative behavior, but to also reward positive behavior.  The plan and our classroom rules are outlined below.

Each day, all of the children’s names begin on the green light.

  1.  If a child chooses to break a rule, a verbal reminder is given.  Their name will remain on the green light.
  2. The second time a rule is broken, the child moves his or her name to the yellow light to remind them to slow down and to think about what they are doing.
  3. If a child continues to choose not to follow the classroom rules, the child moves his or her name to the red light to let them know that they need to stop and think about the rules.

The classroom rules are as follows:

  1.  Follow directions.
  2. Raise your hand to speak.
  3. Listen when someone else is talking.
  4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  5. Be polite.

There will be a calendar inside your child’s take home binder each month that will be used to track his/her behavior.  If they stay on the green light all day they will receive a stamp.  If they have to move to yellow or red, the day will be marked with a Y or R and the rule number that was broken will be noted.  (There will be a quick reference guide of the rules on the calendar.)  To encourage children to follow the rules, at the end of the month, if he/she has stayed on green everyday he/she will get to choose a prize from our treasure chest.  A “free day” will be given in September as the students will be adjusting to the rules.  If a child has continuous difficulty in following classroom rules, an individual behavior plan will be set up.

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