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Hello and welcome to the Lowellville Local School District website.  The 2014-15 school year was exciting and successful in many aspects due to the Board and staff embracing opportunities and motivation to build relationships with students, parents and community members.  This devotion fostered student success throughout the year and instilled confidence for students to enthusiastically accept the challenge beyond graduation.


As Superintendent, it is my responsibility to lead the constituents to celebrate and build on these accomplishments.  Together we use the current and past successes of our District to enhance the educational opportunities and outcomes of our students.  By collaborating innovatively and looking to support our school and classrooms, we ensure each student in Lowellville graduates ready for college, career and citizenship in the 21st Century.


In order to achieve the remarkable results, we are committed to providing students a safe and caring learning environment, stellar instruction, access to cutting-edge technology and relevant learning opportunities.  We value, respect and support our teachers because we believe the key to student learning is great teaching.  To help inspire and engage students in their learning, we provide teachers ongoing, useful professional development and technology tools to bolster their instruction for the purpose of advancing student learning to the highest levels.


While Lowellville ranks among the finest in Mahoning County, it is our belief that we can make it better.  We enjoy the support of spectacular parents and a wonderful community. Our dedicated and talented staff brings knowledge, skill and enthusiasm to their work each and every day.  And most importantly, we have the privilege of working daily with students who amaze us with their talents and genius.


Respectfully, thank you for supporting us during the 2014-15 school year in the important work of educating our community’s children.   We sincerely appreciate this continued support and commitment from our parents and community toward building the best school system in the state; our students need and deserve nothing less if they are to reach their highest potentials.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Eugene M. Thomas

“It’s A Great Day to be A Rocket!”

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