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Rockets R.I.S.E.

R - Respectful

I -  Inclusive

S - Safe

E - Engaged


Lowellville is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for effective teaching and meaningful learning. Our use of the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework ensures consistent support and interventions, setting clear expectations for a safe and engaging learning environment for everyone.


At the heart of PBIS are well-defined expectations that help students understand what is expected of them, promoting appropriate behavior. Principals, teachers, and staff collaborate to establish grade-appropriate behavioral expectations and corresponding rewards. These expectations are reinforced and acknowledged in various settings, including homerooms, classrooms, and school-wide events.


We believe that every student, even those who struggle with behavior, can achieve success and develop crucial social and emotional skills for school and life. Our expectations focus on important objectives like respect, engagement, and safety, and are suitable for each age group. Consistency is key, as we have carefully chosen positively stated expectations that are consistently followed by all adults and students across different school environments.


Additionally, we have a system in place to reward positive behavior. When students are caught displaying good behavior, they receive tickets that reinforce the likelihood of repeating such positive behavior. Opportunities to reinforce student behavior exist at the school, classroom, and individual levels. Both the elementary and high school have their own recognition system, offering meaningful items and experiences. With time, negative behaviors naturally diminish as preferred positive behaviors become the norm, fostering a positive and supportive learning community.

A chart of school-wide norms used to help students understand each target behavior can be found below and is also displayed across our building in hallways, restrooms, the cafeteria, school buses, and classrooms.

PBIS Matrix

Please click the link below to view the PBIS matrix.

Lowellville PBIS Matrix