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Our school district provides an annual meeting each fall to inform parents of our school’s participation in Title I programs and to invite parent input in ways that will improve our school buildings and district and to help children succeed. Among the issues discussed at these meetings are the curricula in place in our schools, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Parent issues and questions about our Title I program will be addressed and become a part of our school district Title I Plan. If you have a question about how our Title I program and funds support our children, please contact your district’s Title I Coordinator or your child’s Principal.

Title I Annual Parent Presentation October 5, 2022



Our district creates and monitors a school-wide comprehensive Title I Plan that provides direction to school building Principals and teachers and is always available to parents who may request it. Included in this Plan is a description of how the school will provide individual student academic assessment results to parents.   We work hard to ensure that this Plan is understandable and provided in a language that parents can understand.

Our school district may be eligible for “school-wide program authority”, which permits us to consolidate funds that we receive from Federal, State and local sources to support programs and instruction to our students. As a part of the Annual Title I parent meetings, we will notify parents if our school district has this authority and how it will impact what we can do to improve our school district and help our children succeed.