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Staff Spotlight: Miss Weldon

Miss Weldon

Staff Spotlight - Miss Weldon - 9/16/19

Title: 9th - 10th English Teacher

Interviewed By - Kaley Toth - Social Media Communications

How long you been in education?  I have been practicing in the field of education for over five years. I started in day care programs with various ages. Then, I was a nanny for over two years. That job helped me complete college and start my professional teaching career.

If you could choose any other career would you change? No, I truly love what I do!

What is the biggest thing you do to make an impact on a student's life?  I try to build positive rapport with all of my students. I am here for them if they need assistance with class work or just need an adult they trust to talk to. 

Did you learn the same concepts when you were in high school as you are teaching now? I think the concepts are the same, but the style of teaching these concepts has changed over the years. When I was in high school I felt my teachers used a lot of lecturing and independent work to teach these concepts. I feel that prepared me for college, but lacked creativity and variety in learning styles. In today’s education, it is a must to adapt to your classroom needs and objectives.

What is the most memorable moment that ever happened in your class or to you as a student?The most memorable experience I had in high school was having the opportunity to travel to Italy & Spain through my forgien language classes. I was able to explore new cultures and put the language skills I learned in class to the test. It was exciting to speak the language and hold conversations with the people we met on our travels. It was an experience I will never forget. 

What are your hobbies outside of the classroom? Outside of the classroom I enjoy traveling, cooking/baking, kayaking, boating, taking walks with my dog, Stella,  and spending time with my family and friends. 

What is rewarding to you about your job?  The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing the growth in students throughout the year. Whether it be academically or with their self-esteem or confidence with the materials we are covering. 

Who is or was your biggest role model? One of my biggest role models is my Grandma Pauline on my dad’s side. She was a strong woman. She worked in the community, volunteered daily at the church, and was a major part of the lives of my older sister and I. She retired from MCCTC, where she loved being around the students daily. She made family traditions special, created lasting Italian memories, and instilled a work ethic I try to emulate my entire life. She battled lung and brain cancer for more than six years against all odds. She always taught her faith, love, and kindness to her grandchildren. Most of all, she pushed me to do more in my life, but helped me not forget to care for the people who aren’t as fortunate.

What advice would you give to a student that is struggling in high school? The advice I would give a struggling high school student is to not be afraid to ask questions if you are struggling academically or have other things going and need someone to talk to. Asking a teacher, guidance counselor, administrator for help or guidance can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

What made you decide that you wanted to work at Lowellville Local Schools? From the moment I stepped in the door for my interview I could feel the sense of community this district has. Everyone I have met since starting here has made me feel so welcome.  The school almost feels like a family and it is something I am proud and excited to be apart of!

How many years have you been a teacher? I have been teaching full time for 2 years. 

What inspired you to become a teacher?  The best teacher I ever had was my English teacher in high school. She was able to make the concepts come to life beyond the basic curriculum. I was inspired by her unconventional techniques, and I strive to bring the same passion for innovative ways of learning to my classroom.

How would you describe your teaching style?  In my classroom I try to use variety and choice. Each lesson and day are different because everyone learns in a different way. I try to choose unique activities that will teach my students the key concepts, while letting them be creative and use critical thinking skills. If you walk into my room one day the students might be taking guided notes, but if you come into my room a few days later the students might be working together or playing an educational game to put these skills to the test. 

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