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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Robert Coppola Class of 1996

Bob Coppola

Alumni Spotlight - Dr. Robert Coppola Class of 1996 - 9/20/19

Interviewed By - Kaley Toth - Social Media Communication

Quick Bio: Dr. Robert A. Coppola is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science.  He also graduated from The National University of Health Sciences Chiropractic School.  He started All Star Chiropractic & Rehabilitation on May 3, 2004 and is married to his wife, Colleen, since 2002, and has 2 children, Olivia and Anthony. He enjoys spending time and traveling with his family, helping Olivia excel as a nationally competitive gymnast, and working with Anthony’s baseball, basketball, and football teams.

What is your favorite memory at Lowellville? There are so many memories, most associated with sports, but my favorite memory is my senior night for football against McDonald. There were so many people there to watch, 5-6 rows deep around the entire track. We ended up winning and ending the regular season undefeated 10-0.

What fun times did you have with your friends? I really loved high school at Lowellville and had a lot of fun. Spending time with friends and playing sports were the most fun. I was also an office assistant my senior year and always had a fun time with the office staff. 

What is 1 thing high school taught you? I can’t think of just 1 thing school has taught me, but a few things I learned are:

  • Some of your high school friends will be your friends for life.
  • Be friends with everyone you can….not just the friends in “your” circle. 
  • You going to have a “last” for everything in school, so cherish the moment and enjoy high school….you can never go back.

What is the funniest moment ever in high school?  One time, we were on 1 side of the gym and Mr. Williams was walking on the other side of the gym. From way across the gym, he was able to spot JJ Benson’s earring and demanded he remove it immediately. We were unsure his eyesight was good close-up and was able to spot an earring across the gym!    

Who was your favorite teacher?  I had many teachers, all for different reasons; impact my life while in school. I remember all my elementary teachers and they were great. In high school, I felt like Mr. Moran and Mr. Williams gave a lot of life lessons, and I loved Ms. Phillips for art class. Coach G was also influential in my football career.

What was your favorite subject? Art and Biology

How did high school shape you into the person you are today?  My teachers and coaches had a big impact on my life. Sports has always been a big part of life beginning while in junior high at Lowellville and continued into high school. I feel like playing sports at a “small” school helped shape me today and instill a “never give up” philospophy in everything I do. I came from a small school and was able to play Division I college sports. I was taught that there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

What teacher made the biggest impact on your life?  Many teachers made an impact in my life, but Mr. Williams probably made the biggest in my life. I use the life lessons he taught me as an adult and with my children and kids that I coach.

What advice would you give to a student that is struggling in high school?  Don’t be afraid to ask for help…..from friends and teachers.

What school tradition do we have here at Lowellville that you will never forget?

  • The bonfire and the parades from the school to the football field. While warming up for a football game, I loved to hear the sound of the drum cadences as they’re marching down the street to enter the field. 
  • The Fight Song and other songs and chants during the games.

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