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Senior Spotlight: Kaley Toth


Senior Spotlight: Kaley Toth

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Senior Spotlight

During high school, what was your favorite memory? Throughout my high school experience, I have made so many memories with so many great people. If I had to pick one to be my favorite it would have to be, going to all the football games and cheering on both my friends on the field and my friends cheering on the sidelines.  

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything differently throughout your high school career?  Looking back now as being a senior I would change the way I studied and prepared because now I really see that college is based on everything that was done in high school.   

What are your plans after graduating? After I graduate from Lowellville High School I plan to attend YSU in the fall of 2020. I want to major in general finance or business. 

What advice would you give to an underclassman about high school?  My advice would be to not take what is given to you for granted. Make sure you do everything with a purpose and leave your mark. Try and make as many friends as you can. Growing up and experiencing high school with all my friends has been the absolute best. 

What was the best high school experience you had throughout the years? All throughout high school my best experience was just seeing how everyone has shaped into the person they are today. Everyone walks their own path and you get to watch and experience everything with your classmates.  Do not take them for granted and cherish everything you guys do together. 

Now, that you are almost graduated do you wish high school went slower? Although I always wanted high school to be over now that it is starting to be a reality gives me mixed emotions. Thinking that we will be out in the real world now is tempting and scary at times. Even though it might be scary, I am excited to start this next chapter in my life. 

What was your favorite sport to watch during high school?  My senior year I went to all the football games to cheer on our team, but my favorite sport to watch is basketball. Our school’s student section is always upbeat and has a lot of hype for every game. Getting to walk in the gym with all your friends to cheer on our athletes on the floor is so memorable. Watching and cheering for the basketball team you always leave the school with different memories and stories about that night. 

Who was your favorite teacher?  I don't really have a favorite teacher. Every teacher I have had since I was in kindergarten has shaped me into the person I am today. 

What teacher had the most impact on your life?  I cannot just choose one, but the two most impactful were Mrs. Iarussi and Ms. Mercure. They are both so helpful in every way possible. They are the type of teachers that I know I could go to with anything and everything. Getting to laugh and joke around and have real conversations with your teachers is the best and they have made my high school career great.  

What was the most difficult class you took?  My most difficult class was Geometry my sophomore year. It is hard for me to do well in a glass if I am not interested in it. 

If you could describe high school in a word or two, what would it be? Roller coaster. High school is just like a roller coaster, there are straight parts, hills, and dips. Straight path is you have your life together. Hills you are trying the best you can to do everything right, and the dips is when you just want to give up because you think nothing will get better. However, whenever you come off of a roller coaster you are usually smiling and always saying it wasn’t that bad. 

When did senioritis kick in?  Senioritis has not really kicked in yet, but I have a feeling after Winter Break it definitely will. 

What was your favorite part of the day during high school?  My favorite part of my day during high school was study hall and lunch. Both times of the day I can just hangout and talk to my friends and not have to worry as much about things for about an hour.  

What school tradition do we have here at Lowellville that you will never forget?  Lowellville traditions are one of a kind. I definitely have to say Cow Pickens waiting for a cow to make its mark. Another one would have to be our rock. Painting the rock has always been fun. Last, but not least would have to be singing the alma mater after every game and pep assembly.  

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