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Senior Spotlight: Isabela Boyd

Senior Spotlight: Isabela Boyd

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Senior Spotlight

During high school, what was your favorite memory? My favorite memory would have the be the last football game of my senior year, the guys played such a good game plus it was so much fun cheering them on with my friends and the band. I remember feeling so bad for the players because it was so cold and rainy.

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything differently throughout your high school career? Looking back I wish I would've tried to be a little more involved in activities and get to know some more people. 

What are your plans after graduating? After graduation I plan to attend Youngstown State University to major in nursing.

What advice would you give to an underclassman about high school? My advice for underclassmen is to not take high school too seriously, have fun and enjoy it while it lasts because next thing you know you’re graduating.

What was the best high school experience you had throughout the years? My best high school experience would have to be Saturday detentions with Mrs. Mercure. I was late to school a lot. 

Now, that you are almost graduated do you wish high school went slower? Throughout high school all I thought about was graduating, and now that it’s almost over I wish I would have slowed down and taken it all in, but on the other hand I can’t wait to start a career and see what the future has in store for me.

What was your favorite sport to watch during high school? My favorite high school sport to watch would have to be football. The football games were always so much fun, especially from the bandstands. 

Who was your favorite teacher? How can I pick they’re all so great, seriously great teachers I’ve learned a lot.

What teacher had the most impact on your life? Mrs. Mercure has made a big impact on my life. She is always so positive and enthusiastic, it was such a fun way to learn, so thank you Mrs. Mercure.

What was the most difficult class you took? Always math with Mrs. Reamer. She is such a great teacher so take her class seriously because she is not playing around when it comes to math. 

If you could describe high school in one word what would it be? I would have to describe high school as unique, you only go to high school for four years and in those four years you learn so much about yourself and others.

When did senioritis kick in? Senioritis hasn't hit me yet, but im sure when it does I'll look back to all the great memories and laugh 

What was your favorite part of the day during high school? 4th period Band. Mr. Antonucci is really passionate about music and it reflects on his students because not to brag or anything but he did get straight ones at band contest three years in a row. That is hard to do, but he did it.                                                                                                                                    
What school tradition do we have here at Lowellville that you will never forget? A Lowellville tradition I will never forget is cowpickens. How could you forget about waiting for a cow on the football field. My favorite Lowellville tradition is the Lowellville Festival. These Italians know how to make a mean Bread bowl, perfecto!

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