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Social Media Spotlight - Girls Golf Captain Livia Laudermilt


Social Media Spotlight - Girls Golf Captain Livia Laudermilt

Interview By: Junior Emily Wilaj

As fall sports begin to wind down, the Social Media Class is presenting several interviews compiled with fall coaches and student-athletes.  

  1. How does it feel to be the golf captain while only being a junior?

I was excited to be a leader for the rest of the team and to share what I have learned from my previous years of playing golf. Being the captain of the golf team is an honor because I have such great teammates. 

  1. Did Covid-19 have any effect on your season this year?

Golf was one of the few sports that was not affected by the virus. The only thing that really changed was not being able to trade scorecards at the conclusion of each match. Unlike past years, we were only allowed to play teams in our vicinity. 

  1. Do you feel as if your talents have grown from last year?

Most definitely my talents have grown as compared to last year. I am able to drive the ball farther than I ever have and my short game has improved significantly. 

  1. What do you think the hardest component of golf is?

This game can be more mental than physical. Sometimes I find it difficult to overcome something negative that occured. I find myself needing to say something positive to outweigh the negatives to keep me on track. Having a positive mentality is definitely the hardest component for me. 

  1. What is your favorite course to play at?

Even though I am very intimidated by PIne Lakes in Hubbard, I enjoy that course the most. I have come to love playing there since our sectionals have been there for the past 3 years. The scenery is absolutely calming and the course is very well taken care of. My favorite part about this course is how wide the fairways are. 

  1. What was your favorite golf memory while playing on the team so far?

My favorite memory was during my freshman year when I was supposed to be on a JV team, but ended up playing in the match. This is when I realized that I loved playing golf and I wanted to continue playing throughout high school. The excitement and nervousness during that match is something I will always remember. 

  1. What is your lowest career score so far? 

My lowest career score so far was a 49 this year against Leetonia at our home course Bedford Trails. 


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