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2022 Safety and Security


July 27, 2022
Safety will continue to be an ongoing focus for the district and practices and upgrades
will continue to be added and/or updated and evaluated throughout the year. At this time, I want to provide you with a
summary of some of the new safety initiatives that you will see for the coming year.
● Two (2) CEIA OPENGATE weapon detection portable units will be rented to use during the regular school hours
and at other district events that the administration deems necessary.
● The District and Village Council will be partnering to host informational sessions/workshops to parents and
community members. Topics may include: bullying, social and emotional health, substance use prevention, mental
health, trauma informed practices, etc.
● Enhanced educational programs for our students and staff regarding topics such as bullying, social and emotional
health, substance use prevention, mental health, trauma informed practices, etc. will be offered.
● All security cameras in the district are being upgraded to ensure all cameras are operating on the same system and
are compatible with one another. In addition, several new cameras have been purchased to provide views of areas
that were not covered before (ex-football field, loading dock, and bus garage).
● A 24/7 anonymous bully/safety tip line has been activated. Anyone can call or use the website to enter any bullying
or safety concerns they have.
○ Phone: 330-965-2848
○ Website:
● Further security measures pertaining to the screening of visitors will be utilized. In addition to the Raptor system,
visitors will be asked to wait in the main foyer and insert their ID through a mail slot before being allowed to enter
the main office.
● Adding protective covers to the external doors in the two kindergarten, elementary music, and the elementary
technology rooms to prevent individuals on the outside of the building from seeing inside.
● All external windows and doors will be identified and numbered appropriately to assist law enforcement in easily
identifying areas of the building.
● All staff and visitors will be issued an ID badge and be required to wear it while in the building.
● The administrators and teachers will reiterate the no hoodie/hoods policy found in the dress code and reiterate that
this also applies to dress down days. No hoodies will be allowed.
● The Go Guardian system will be used on all district devices used by students. The system will allow teachers to
monitor the electronic use by students. It will also notify designated staff members of any at risk behaviors based
upon key words that may be typed by the students.
● The external gates in need of repair and the latches on the external gates around campus will be repaired.
● Staff and emergency responders will participate in on-going safety and prevention training throughout the
year. Drills will also be conducted with students at different times during the year.

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