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Honor Roll and Academic Honoree

Honor Roll

Honor Roll will be reported and posted on the district website each grading period.  Students with a 3.2 GPA and only As, Bs, and Cs for their quarterly grades will receive Honor Roll.  Students with a 3.8 GPA and only As, Bs, and Cs will receive High Honor Roll.


Academic Honorees

Students who receive all As and Bs for quarters 1-3 will be listed as Academic Honorees, and receive mention at the Senior Breakfast as well as Underclassman Awards Ceremony.  The first year a student earns Academic Honoree, he or she receives a chenille Letterman's jacket letter.  The second year Academic Honoree is earned, students earn a keychain.  Third year earns a medallion pin that can be worn at graduation.  The fourth year earns a lanyard that can be worn at graduation.