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National Honor Society


The induction for National Honor Society will take place in the Spring so that the student’s GPA can be based on five semesters, one of which includes the fall of junior year.  This year's induction will be held in April, date to be determined.  Students will be notified in February 2024 if they are qualified to apply to the National Honor Society. Students must have a 3.4 GPA. Beginning with the class of 2027 to meet the requirement of scholarship, a student must have an accumulative GPA of 3.7 or above at the end of the first semester of his/her junior year.

To meet the requirement of service, a student must take part in at least 30 hours of service projects during his/her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Service projects can involve community, church, or school activities that a student volunteers for and provides dependable and well-organized assistance.  Forms to document this are available in the Guidance Office. 

To achieve leadership, a student must partake in at least one activity that displays leadership, responsibility, reliability and dependability during his/her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. (e.g. an officer or active member of an organization either at school, work, church or community; or a participant in a sport)

Students must provide a letter of endorsement from the sponsor of the organization or the team coach verifying the leadership qualities.

To achieve character, faculty will rate each student (with whom they’ve had direct contact in the classroom or in extra-curricular activities) from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) in the area of Character. In order to become a member the candidate must receive an average vote of 3.50 or higher in the area of Character.

Any or all students who have the 3.4/3.7 GPA must provide all of the above documentation to the NHS advisor with a completed application listing their activities.


** The requirements for National Honor Society may be amended at any time by the NHS Faculty Council.