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Charge Policy  


Lowellville Local School District

Charge Policy Guidelines for School Meals


Charging for school meals refers to any time a student does not have enough money to cover the price of a meal at the point of sale. Charges for meals are permitted for students who occasionally forget or misplace their money up to a MAXIMUM of the dollar equivalent of:


Elementary, (Grades Kg-6) = 3 lunches and 3 Breakfast Meals or $7.50 in total charges.


Secondary, (Grades 7-12) = 3 lunches and 3 Breakfast meals or $8.25 in total charges.


Reduced status students = 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches or $2.10 in total charges.


Snacks and ala carte (ex., chips, extra sandwiches and extra drinks) items cannot be charged.

Student must have enough money in their account or cash on hand to purchase these items.


We ask that charges be repaid the following school day.  Once a student reaches the charge limit, Lowellville Local Schools will not let a child go hungry and will therefore be served a regular lunch with no extras if the student does not have money for the meal or a packed lunch.  This additional amount will be added to the debt and students' parent(s) will be contacted via letter. 



  • Parents will be notified of low/negative cash balances through a mailed letter from the school at the end of every month.  Parents may go to the district website and click on the PayForIt button to register their student to check the lunch account balance. Online payments require 1-2 business days to show on the lunch account. 


CHARGING will NOT be allowed at the end of the school year: 

  • Elementary students, no charging allowed during last two weeks in MAY.
  • Secondary students, grades 7-12, no charging allowed during the full month of MAY.


Unpaid meal charges will be carried over at the end of the school year to the next school year and will be subject to this charge policy the following year.

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