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Español III  

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In Spanish III, we will approach proficiency at the Intermediate level according to the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  Please visit ACTFL's website for more details on proficiency and performance.  

We will work on the following:

-fine-tuning and gaining more confidence in spoken and written communication skills in the past, present and future tenses in Spanish 

-presenting prepared written and spoken information to others in Spanish on a variety of topics utilizing phrases, sentences, connected sentences and paragraphs

-reading for understanding, analysis, application and personal enjoyment of authentic materials such as Spanish language newspaper articles, graphs, charts, posters, brochures, magazines, advertisements and literature

-listening to authentic Spanish language audio and video for understanding, analysis, application and personal enjoyment, including interviews, educational programs, nursery rhymes, music, weather forecasts and more

-utilizing technology for spoken and written communication, reference and access to authentic materials in the Spanish language

-recognizing the practices and perspectives of and recreating cultural artifacts from various Spanish speaking cultures

Topics of study will include:

-giving, interpreting and asking for personal information about oneself and others, including name, age, birthday, phone and cell phone number, address, and e-mail 

-describing oneself and others both physically and personality-wise, identifying and describing living creatures and inanimate objects 

-numbers in context including dates, times, schedules, contact information, math exercises, prices and statistics, weather and measurements

-describing one's living situation and family including family members and relationships, address, house or apartment, rooms and items of the house 

-expressing likes and dislikes, preferences and favorites

-following and giving multi-step directions and commands

-making purchases, ordering foods, requesting services and information

-describing and identifying the human body, expressing ailments and injuries

-interpreting and describing the weather and temperature from written and spoken weather forecasts, maps and more, interpreting and describing the climate 

-communicating about one's school and/or workplace, family and friends and pets

-communicating about one's daily activities, hobbies, interests, childhood, future plans

-holiday celebrations and observances in the local community, US and abroad including El Día de los Muertos in Mexico, Hispanic Hertiage Month in the US, Independence Days in the Spanish speaking countries, Cinco de Mayo, Día de la Raza, and winter holidays in Spanish speaking countries including La Nochebuena, La Navidad, El Año Nuevo, La Epifania/El Día de los Reyes

-geography of the world, Spanish speaking countries, capitals, bodies of water, mountain ranges, US states and cities with names of Spanish origin and city/state names that translate to something different in Spanish

-Spain, including major cities, regions of Spain, bodies of water, cultures of different regions and more

-identifying, ordering and describing, food and drink, Spanish, Mexican and Puerto Rican cuisine, identifying meals of the day and meal practices in various Spanish speaking countries and cultures and making comparisons to those of the US, restaurants, stores, markets and food sources, etc.

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