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Academic Content

to be covered throughout the

5th Grade School Year


Earth and Space:

  • Cycles and Patterns in the Solar System
  • What makes up the Solar System: Sun (stars) and all celestial bodies (planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids) that orbit the sun.
  • Comparing stars: size, distance from sun
  • How Earth’s Orbit (elliptical)and tilt of its axis, affects the Seasons/day light (years, months, days)
  • Comparing the Earth and the Moon
  • People’s use of Earth’s resources
  • Renewable and nonrenewable
  • Conservation of resources

Life Science:

  • Interactions within Ecosystems
  • Roles performed by organisms in an ecosystem (Food webs: producers, consumers and decomposers)
  • Photosynthesis (sunlight-the major source of energy for ecosystems)
  • The Passing of Energy through an Ecosystem (food chains/food webs)
  • Types of Ecosystems and ways humans can improve the health of  ecosystems

Physical Science:

  • Sound, Light and Motion (speed/force)

*** Scientific Method

***Safety Procedures

***Tools and Instruments



            -will be covered during the last nine weeks of the school year.

            -a variety of subject areas will be covered

            -a grade MAY BE given for both Science and Health the last nine weeks.





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