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November 12, 2018:                                          

Classwork: **Today we learned about an Austrian monk by the name of Gregor Mendel, The Father of Genetics, and how through his studies of pea plants he was able to identify how we inherit traits from our parents.

We started to take a look at the Punnett Square which is a tool that allows us to see the percentages of traits that are passed on from parent to offspring.

We leaned about recessive traits (weaker traits) and dominant traits (stronger trait/appears more often).

Homework:**Complete Punnett Squares for practice

                    **Reread pp. 60-61

                  Happy Veteren's Day Veterens and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

November 13, 2018:                       

Classroom:  **We continued practice of the Punnet Square and discussed that traits are handed down from generation to generation and sometimes it can skip generations.  Looked at a family tree/pedegree and discussed how to read and understand the graphics and that we can inherit traits from generations from many years ago, traits are randomly chosen.

Homework:  **Read pp. 62-63, look at yourself in the mirror and see if you have some of the same traits discussed in your reading.


November 14, 2018:

Classroom: **Continued review of Punnett Squares and read and discussed pp. 62-64 and started our Quick Study worksheet together.

We viewed a Science Close Up video about Mendel's Discovery.

Homework: **Complete Quick Study worksheet pp. 11-12 if not complete


November 15, 2018:
Classroom: **

Homework: **


November 16, 2018:                                

Classwork: **       

Homework: **




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