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You and the Law Course of Study


We will be using the textbook Street Law – A Course in Practical Law (Glencoe) 2010

I. Introduction

A. What is law?

            1. laws and values

            2. kinds of laws

            3. our Constitutional framework

B. Settling disputes

            1. Methods for solving disputes

C. The Court System

            1. jurisdiction

            2. trial courts

            3. appeals courts

            4. state and federal court systems

            5. U.S. Supreme Court

D. Lawyers

            1. when, how to find, working with your lawyer

II. Criminal Law

A. Foundations and statistics

B. State and federal crimes

C. Classifications

1. Crimes against the person

2. Crimes against property

D. Defenses

III. Criminal Justice Process

A. Arrest through pre-trial

  1. Booking, initial appearance, bail, preliminary hearing, grand jury, pleas, pre-trial motions, plea bargaining

B. The trial

            1. jury/judge, 6th Amendment, appeals

C. Sentencing and corrections

            1. options, purposes, parole, capital punishment, correctional system

D. Juvenile justice

IV. Torts and Civil Law

A. Introduction

            1. liability

            2. types of torts

            3. going to court- civil trial procedures and outcomes

B. Intentional torts

            1. types

            2. defenses

C. Negligence

            1. elements

            2. duty and breach

            3. causation

            4. damages

            5. defenses

D. Strict liability

            1. dangerous activities

2. animals

3. defective products

4. defenses

E. Torts and public policy

V. Consumer Law and Protection/Becoming a smart consumer

A. Contracts

            1. elements and types

            2. minors

            3. breach of contract

B. Warranties

1. types and disclaimers

C. Deceptive sales practices

1. types

D. Cars and the consumer

            1. buying a car

E. Housing and the consumer

            1. leases/tenant rights and obligations

VI. Family Law

A. Marriage

1. how to get married, common-law, finances & property ownership, same-sex marriage and the law

B. Parents and children

            1. responsibilities

            2. abuse and neglect laws

C. Adoption

            1. laws governing and the process

D. Separation/divorce and custody law

            1. alimony, property division, child support

            2. stepparent rights

            3. grandparent rights




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