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The Lowellville School District continues to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities.  For children ages 3-5, a disability means that the child had a documented deficit in one or more of the following developmental areas:

communication skills
hearing abilities
motor functioning
social-emotional/behavior functioning
vision abilities

For school-age students, a disability means a person has one or more conditions such as:

developmental handicap
orthopedic and/or other health handicap
severe behavior handicap
speech and language handicap
specific learning disability
traumatic brain injury
visual handicap

Early observations and developmental records help an evaluation team to find an appropriate program and services prior to the child entering school.

If you have a child up to age 21 who has a disability, or who is suspected to have a disability, please submit the requested information below to:

Mrs. Christine Sawicki, Superintendent
Lowellville K-12 School
52 Rocket Place
Lowellville, OH  44436

Child's Name:


Parent's Name(s):


Telephone Number:

Brief description of concern(s):

Pre-school/Agencies presently serving the child: